Friday, September 4, 2009

Still In Progress

All day I was looking forward to getting into the studio tonight and working on the "Onions" painting. But at 4:45, right as I was getting ready to wrap it up at work I got an emergency project that had to be completed tonight. So instead of painting, I am designing. Oh well, at least we have a long weekend coming up. Work has been pretty crazy recently. So I haven't had the time or energy to paint very much. Next week I hope to get back to a more regular schedule of painting.

Above is a shot of the "Onions" current progress. I haven't settled on a title yet, so for now I'm calling it onions. I've been using Gamblin's Neo Megilp for my medium on this one and I have to say that I'm digging it so far. I usually use Liquin which is great, but I wanted to try some other mediums so I decided to give Megilp a try. The consistency is pretty close to Liquin out of the bottle but when mixed in with the paint it seems to be a little more buttery. The peaks and valleys in my brushstrokes seem to melt away, leaving a smooth glossy finish. One downside is that it seems to dry a little slower. Instead of drying overnight like Liquin it takes a good two days to dry completely. Since I'm not currently painting every day this isn't a problem.

Not sure if I am ready to make the switch from Liquin yet, but it does have some great qualities. I also want to try some more traditional mediums like linseed oil, which I have never used. I think for my next painting I will try some stand oil + turps.


Christine Mercer-Vernon said...

hi david, bummer... this happens to me all the time. ready to go in the studio, and last minute freelance project. :( been waiting to see some progress on this painting.. no pressure though. i use neo megilp and have for years.. love it. i dissolve a little cold wax medium in oms and mix in to cut down on the gloss. it does dry just a little slower but you can speed it up by setting your painting outside in the sun for a little bit. i can usually dry thin layers in a few short hours this way. over the long term it will not yellow like liquin does. looking forward to seeing some progress on this painting. :)

David Parker said...

Thanks for the tips Christine. I'll definitely give them a try.

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