Monday, August 17, 2009

Work In Progress

Here are two in progress shots of my current painting. It's a still life setup with two onions and a knife. I am painting this from a photograph that I shot of the arrangement. This is the first time since starting back into painting that I have not painted from life. I'm viewing the photograph from a small laptop that is setup in my studio. The reference image on my monitor is a little dull and faded from reality, but I think it will work.


Anonymous said...

it will be good to see how you move through each stage. thank you for sharing your process. r.

Don Coker said...

Looks great so far, David! I love your work.

Paul said...

Looking forward to seeing this developing and nice to see you taking the time and care with this traditional technique of under painting :-)

David Parker said...

Rahina, Don and Paul,
Thanks for taking the time to look and for leaving a comment!

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