Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In Progress Still Life

9"x12" Oil on panel
It seems more often than not I start my posts off with "It's been awhile" or "Progress has been slow". I'm sorry to say that is the case once again. Work has been in full swing recently, requiring me to often work nights, weekends and even a holiday recently.

In hopes of gaining more studio time I recently started waking up early to paint before I leave for work. So far this has worked out well. I get about two hours in and on a good day I can also paint in the evening for a few hours. I hope this will help boost my production time a bit.

Now on to the painting. I'm currently working on the screw pull. The first pass should be done after another morning session or two. Since my last post I've painted in the first layer of the table. Right now it's flat and monochromatic. But once I have added in the details (reflections, scratches, wood grain, etc...) it should have a good bit of character. I've also left the bottom of the glass unfinished so I could have painted table around it to paint into. I'll move back into that section once the screw pull is done.


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