Sunday, March 13, 2011

Under Painting

9"x12" Oil on panel
Just wrapped up the monochromatic under painting. At this stage I'm not to concerned with value accuracy. I'm mostly trying to build form and refine any issues that I had with the drawing. After working some initial values into wine glass I realized that the stem was still off a bit. So I reworked the drawing from what I had originally. I think its accurate now, but that's what I said last time. We'll see.


Nick said...

Hey David, the stem looks accurate to me and I think this will make a great finished piece. I want to have a go at a painting using underpainting. Any tips? what colours have you used? Does it have to be monochrome?

David Parker said...

Nick, thanks for the comment. In regards to underpainting, I would say don't get to detailed on the initial layer. Save that for the later stages. I generally use a mix of burnt umber and ultramarine blue thinned with gamsol for my first layer. In this stage I fix any issues I had with the drawing and start to indicate form and value. After completing that first wash in layer I start my color stages.

This method is by no means the best or only way to do an underpainting. I would just experiment and see what works for you. I'm not to sure that you need it though. Your paintings are awesome as is. I think the no underpainting thing is working pretty well for you. I love the "No strings attached" piece you just completed. Very nice!

Nick said...

Thanks for taking time to reply David. I really want to try underpainting if only to stop my curiosity, but I also feel it will give my work a more rich and deep finish. I think I will try it on a small piece to begin with as I have some larger 50cm x 70cm boards I want to use it if all goes well. On the whole I am happy with my methods but am always looking for improvements. Thanks again, will post how I get on.

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