Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shorebreak Study

Shorebreak Study - SOLD
6"x6" Oil on canvas panel

I spent most of the evening putting on the final touches, and reworking the foreground a bit from what I had previously. To me it was a little one dimensional and flat. So I added some subtle chop that recedes into the face of the wave. Hopefully this adds a little more visual interest and helps lead your eye back into the focal point of the wave.

With that, I'm calling this one completed. This was a lot of fun to paint, and I'm looking forward to painting more of these. The next one I do is going to be a good bit larger. Somewhere around 10" x 20". I'm ready to take a break from the 6" x 6" for a while.

( This photo is a bit off from the original painting.  I'll replace the photo once I get a better shot. )


Lefrontier said...

Your work is amazing, David.

David Parker said...

Thanks Lefrontier!

Paul Coventry-Brown said...

Beautifully done David ... I can almost hear it :-)


Beth West www.northernskyart.wordpress.com said...

Wow! It turned out so well.

David Parker said...

Paul and Beth, thank you for the kind words.

Katrina said...



Caroline Savva Art said...

Wow! Amazing! Just amazing! Very well done - this must have taken a lot of hard work and dedication.

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