Friday, November 5, 2010

Shorebreak Study

Shorebreak Study
6"x6" Oil on canvas panel
Work in progress
The image for this painting came from a recent trip to Hilton Head Island, SC. Hurricane Igor was brewing in the Atlantic, which had the surf kicked up quite a bit. I snapped a ton of photographs, and hope to start a series of larger paintings from the better ones.

This particular painting is a trial run to get used to painting the ocean. I was a little intimidated by the amount of detail in the water and especially the splashes. So I wanted to make sure I could convincingly paint it before moving to a larger panel.

At this point, there is still a long way. The breaking wave and foreground is still underpainting, and the top part will need at least one or two more layers before it's done.


Beth West said...

I like how this is turning out. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished as well as the larger ocean project you're planning. Happy painting.

David Parker said...

Thanks Beth!

Alvin Richard said...

OMG!!!!it's already perfect....I don't know what else you can add to it. It's really great to see you work with colors, which by the way are bang on!

David Parker said...

Thanks Alvin! Yeah, I'm enjoying working with some colors other than earth tones.

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