Monday, November 15, 2010

Shorebreak Study - (Close Call)

Shorebreak Study
6"x6" Oil on canvas panel
Work in progress

I had a huge close call tonight. I was applying a few final touches to the painting when all of a sudden, the painting slips from the easel, bounces off the easel tray, and lands onto my painting palette.  Luckily, facing right side up. The backside of the painting was covered in wet paint, but none got on to the front. Phew!


Pierre Raby said...

Great study David (on a such small size). I enjoy how you cropped the subject which produced a dynamic composition and also how you rendered the translucent qualities of water. Fresh and contemplative.

David Parker said...

Thanks Pierre!

Nick said...

Ah what a nightmare with the accident! good job it wasnt a slice of toast as it may have landed face down :) really nice piece of work as usual

David Parker said...

Nick, I know. My heart definitely skipped a beat as it was falling, and thanks for the kind words!

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