Saturday, October 31, 2009

In Progress - Cream Pitcher

I made good progress last night and finished another layer on the pitcher. So far everything seems to be coming along. I still need to do a little more work on the pitcher and then focus on finishing the cloth and the reflections on the table.


Carolina said...

Your work is amazing. Can't believe all the care and patience involved...

Alvin Richard said...


David Parker said...

Thanks Carolina and Alvin for stopping by and leaving a comment. Your kind words are a great encouragement.

Jala Pfaff said...

Gorgeous. You seem to have had classical training somewhere...? Didn't the cream/milk in the pitcher spoil?

David Parker said...

Thanks Jala!

I was a graphic design major in college and took several drawing classes and a painting class. So I have had some training, but nothing extensive.

I'm happy to say that the milk didn't spoil. I paint pretty slowly and I knew the milk would turn to cottage cheese long before I finished, so I chose to paint this one from a photograph.

Thanks for stopping by.


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